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The GC&SU Web Postcards System is a free service of Georgia College & State University put together by the GC&SU Office of Information and Instructional Technology (OIIT). What happens is very simple. A sender enters some basic information into a form. The GC&SU Server, using a program called NetCloak Pro, then takes that information, creates a new web page with the information provided and sends an e-mail to the receiver notifying them that a Web Postcard awaits them. The receiver then enters the web address contained in the e-mail message in their favorite browser and poof, they can see their Web Postcard!

*Disclaimers: GC&SU Web Postcards are intended for private, non-commercial use only. A record is kept of all Web Postcards made for use by System Administrators. Individual pages, however, are considered private and not available for public perusal other than by the intended receiver. GC&SU is not responsible for inappropriate use of the Web Postcard System but will take steps to apply disciplinary action when it is deemed feasible and necessary. All graphics, source code and design elements are © 1998-2017 by Georgia College & State University.

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