The GC&SU Mural Cam Movie Page

This page resulted from an OIIT/EIS project that attempted to document the work of Art Department students and faculty who, working with the School of Education, designed and painted a mural in the atrium of Kilpatrick Education Center where the John H. Lounsbury School of Education is housed.

Work on painting the mural started in March and was completed in October. Throughout all of this time, the OIIT/EIS web cam was taking a full color picture every 5 minutes day and night, every day. More than five Gigabytes of data were eventually assembled.

This web page enables the display of the time-lapse movies that were created from all this data. There are two movies available as follows:

The Whole Nine Yards:

This movie displays every frame that was captured in the seven months of the project. Even heavily compressed, it is so large as to be impractical for download to your local hard drive. However, you can view it in real time via our QuickTime Streaming Server by clicking on the appropriate poster movie below.

Just the Action, Please:

This movie has been heavily edited to remove all of that time when nothing much was happening except paint drying. Seven months effort has been reduced to five minutes and forty-seven seconds! We've also added a sound track (Bellini: Chorous of the Wariors from the opera "Norma") to help set a viewing mood. Thus, the movie is small enough (47 Mb) to download to your hard drive while you view it if you are on the campus LAN. After downloading, you can play it over and over without having to re-download it. Otherwise, the movie may take a while to begin playing. If you have QuickTime Player Pro you can save the movie to disk as soon as it completes downloading. For those who don't have QuickTime Player Pro, we provide download links for both Windows (a *.zip file) and Mac (a *.sit) file.

Clicking on the poster movies below will launch the QuickTime Player and play the movie. With the QuickTime Player, you can adjust the size of the movie, sound volume, video brightness, etc. If you don't have QuickTime installed, you may download it at

The Whole Nine Yards
(Real-time Streaming | Filesize: 602.5 MB Duration: 1 Hr. 19 Min. 18 Sec.)

Just the Action, Please
(Progressive Download | Filesize: 43.7 MB Duration: 5 Min 41 Seconds)

Download Links: Windows   Macintosh